BANANAPATA in Becky’s Wonderland!


    Ah..Becky’s Kitchen. If I were to be asked one word to describe it, it’ll be wonderland. Yes! Wonderland! A wonderland for all sweet tooth! This sweet haven will surely tickle the dessert lover deep within your soul and if not, you will surely become one. This hidden gem in Malate will be your next favorite thing in desserts. Let me prove it.


          Becky’s Kitchen is a bakeshop situated at 1061 Pablo Ocampo Corner Bautista Street, Malate, Manila. TIP: Keep in mind that address because it’s really quite hidden BUT no worries,dearies. Who doesn’t know Becky’s anyway? Just a simple utterance of the bakeshop’s name will surely give you your sugar cravings,trust me. You’ll hear nothing but “They’re the best bakeshop ever!” or “They’re baked goods are to die for!”. Enough of building up your excitement, here’s our take on The Becky’s Kitchen.


          With its Spanish era feels, Christmas season interior with paper chandeliers, this small self-service bakeshop will immediately entice you. It’s like everyday is a holiday for Becky’s; like a never-ending occasion thus the interior. Once you enter this tiny delight, you will be welcomed by their humble guard and hand you a number. It’s meant for customers to be organized and wait for their turn to choose to their heart’s content. Only a table and 2 chairs is provided for those who wish to dine in and 2 benches for the other customers who, mostly, order take-outs. Well, if you’ll ask me if there’s anything good to try, mmm, EVERYTHING! Trust me. You won’t regret it but their must try are the Swiss Chocolate cake and Fudge Brownies; real choco haven. Below is a picture of the 1,001  (a bit of an exaggeration) desserts and savory treats to choose from!


                   Well, I personally would trade any day for their Fudge Brownies. It’s really moist and melts in your mouth. I’m not a fan of sweet treats but Becky’s has long converted me into one. The rest either ordered the Lemon Squares or Fudge Brownies (which in fact is also good;very goooood). As you can see, their prices are well expensive but they have the right to. They use quality ingredients for quality products plus the experience will surely be enough for you to say “It’s worth the pain.”

                 For more personalized experience with them, feel free to visit Becky’s from Tuesdays to Saturday from 6:30 am to 8:30 am and Sundays from 6:30 am to 7:00pm. What are you waiting for? Go and grab a slice at Becky Wonderland!


PS. : Took a group photo outside because we’re not allowed to take anymore pictures inside the shop but it was fun all in all!


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