Sweet Potato Pudding

These past few days, I’m watching a lot of cooking shows and I got a lot of ideas that I can use for future purposes. Watching those kinds of show helped me grow as an aspiring chef. One dish that really captures my attention is the Carrot Pudding, it seems so easy to make and looks enticingly delicious. So I thought of making another variation of it by substituting Carrots to a Sweet Potato.  I also used Sweet Potato because honestly, I seldom eat Carrots and Sweet potato goes well with everything; savory or sweet.

So here’s my version of that delicious Pudding.


Sweet Potatoes        250 g

Fresh Milk                  250g

Condensed Milk   240 ml

Butter                            15 g


Peel the Sweet potatoes first, I used orange ones to somehow resemble the color of the Carrot.


After peeling, I grated the Sweet potatoes so they will be cook evenly and fast. I used the bigger hole of the grater so it won’t look too mushy when cooked and the texture is still there.


Then put milk and the grated Sweet potato in the saucepan, let it simmer. Stir the mixture to avoid scorching at the bottom of the saucepan.


When it is already simmering, put the condensed milk and continue stirring (you can add more condensed milk if you want it sweeter). Lower the heat and let it simmer again.


Stir until the mixture becomes thick and change in color, add in the butter and stir. Turn of the heat and let the pudding cool.


Put on a plate then serve.

-Marjorie Talusig-


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