Singapore 2015



Last November 3-6, we visited Singapore and Malaysia for our tour of one of our class in school. It was a fun experience because it is my first time traveling outside our country, plus, my parents are not around to scold me. Teehee.

So without further ado, this is my short story on what happened there.



Our call time in school was at 1:30 am. GHAD it was so early for all of us that we literally looked like walking zombies. But nonetheless, we were all excited for our tour.


We arrived in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) at 3 am


My friends and I spent 2 hrs strolling at the close stores inside the terminal. When we got bored, we just slept on the benches.


At 4:30 am, we boarded the plane, AND OFF WE GOOO!


 (my tour buddies)


(my view from my window seat)

Our group arrived at the Changi International Airport at 10 am (local time). We are welcomed by a tour guide that is so accommodating and very knowledgeable about the area.


(the first scenery outside the airport of SG)

The first stop of our tour was Jurong Bird Park. It is a bird sanctuary and houses A LOT of different species of bird, including penguins, flamingo, parrots and more. The park also have a man-made falls.


(tickets of the park)


(man-made forest at the back)


We had our buffet lunch there, and I did not expect that there would be a short performance of their birds.


(the parrot was “painting”)


Next stop was the Arab Street. We did not stay there for so long because we are in a hurry for our itinerary.


(me and my friend, Cha)


We also visited Little India (which we didn’t enjoy much because we can’t buy anything there), Chinatown, Chocolate Gallery, and a Souvenir Shop.


(Instagram-worthy temple in Chinatown)

The highlight of our tour was the Merlion Park. We only have a limited time there so we took the opportunity to take pictures.


(the ever popular, Merlion = 1/2 Lion + 1/2 Fish)


(overlooking view of Marina Bay Sands)


(my photogenic friend, Mar)

We ended our tour in the evening and immediately checked-in on our hotel.


(Our home for 4 days)



We had our breakfast in the Mandarin Orchard Hotel, and WOW. That was a superb meal to start the day.


On 9:00am, we boarded the bus and it drove to the border of Singapore and Malaysia. We had a different tour guide that came with us.


(super organized line in the border of Singapore and Malaysia)


After the immigration process and such, we headed to Kukup Fishing Village. The ride alone took 3-4 hours from the border. I didn’t notice that I slept the whole ride.


We arrived at the Fishing Village, and the sun greeted us with its hot rays. We rode a boat that fitted half of our group. The boat stopped at a small floating fish farm, and the tour guide explained what kind of fish were there. I saw really huuuuuge fish swimming on one of the nest.


(one of the boats that was used by our batch)

After our tour there, we were driven to a Malaysian version of “karinderya” but with buffet set-up. The food there was, uhmm, okay. But I really like that it is heavily spiced.


After our lunch, we finally headed to LEGOLAND!

We enjoyed the half of our day there. The theme park was so small but had a lot of rides.


(happy land in Malaysia!!!)


We, the 2nd year students, finally throw our worries about our acads and let our child selves to enjoy the theme park..


(groupie with mah friends while waiting in line)


(my favorite pic of that day)


When it is our time to go, we are really tired and soaked up because of a ride and our sweats.


Before we head back to Singapore, we visited the Johor Bahru Outlet Stores. The items there were all branded and discounted (but still expensive for me). Due to my exhausted mood, I just stayed on one of the benches, sipping a coffee, and watching my schoolmates shop all their hearts and wallets out *ka-ching*.


It was 10:30PM when we got to our hotel, and knocked out on our beds.






We first dine for our lunch in a buffet restaurant of Oxford Hotel. With a great luck, the street across the hotel was full of graffitis and perfect for our photo-ops. Here are some of our pictures.


After eating, we headed to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE!


(look how happy I am)


(scanned polaroid of us)

The theme park was full of attractions that a whole day stay there is not enough. My favorite ride was the Revenge of the Mummy.


(entrance of the Revenge of the Mummy)


(Hollywood Area)


(Far Far Away Castle)


(Ride for the kids)


At 6 PM, it was time to go to our hotel and have a rest.


But, because that was our last night, we savored every minute there shopping for pasalubongs.

I part ways from my friends and went to Lucky Plaza, where cheap finds can be found.

I found chocolates that only cost $10 for 4 pieces.





Aww… The last day.


After checking out at the hotel, we brought our bags and luggages to the bus for our flight at 8PM


Our first destination on that day was Gardens by the Bay. The place is sooo pretty because of the greens and flowers  planted there. It was like we are on the set of the movie Avatar.


On lunch time, we ate a Korean Buffet Restaurant located at Marina Square.

After lunch time, we went to Marina Bay Sands to shop and spent our time there before going to the airport.


The shopping area of the hotel was so luxurious, they even have a small man-made canal inside where you can ride a boat. Well, even if it looks embarrassing, I opt to try it.


You can go to the roof deck of the hotel even if you’re not a guest. But there would be charge of $25 (not sure).


(worm’s eye view of Marina Bay Sands)


At 5 PM we headed to the airport and bid goodbye to the Lion City.

thumb_IMG_0865_1024(view from a restroom at the airport. wow, right?)

  • – Mary Claire Navarro –

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