Ilocos, My Home in the North

Every year, my family and I will always plan to go to our province which is located in La Union. It has been a tradition to visit there once in a while to unwind and get away from all the chaos from the city.


This year, we all agreed to go to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. It was our first time there because all our plans before are cancelled due to the long number of hours to go there. I think it was 4-5 hours from our house in La Union.


It was an exciting and fun trip for all of us. And here’s what happened on our trip.



We first visited  Manaog Church in Pangasinan. We didn’t catch the morning mass that was scheduled so we didn’t stay there for so long. We just prayed our own intentional prayers and we are back to the road.


(Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag)


(Beautiful fountain inside the premises)

Our next stop is Kahuna Beach Resort located in San Juan, La Union. I’ve been there before and oh boy, it was still a total hit to the foreigners. There are many foreigners that were staying there at that moment. But, we did not go there to check in on their rooms, we just went there for lunch.

Our lunch there was a surprising experience. WE JUT SAW A FREAKING SMALL COCKROACH ON OUR MEAL SET. Oh wow. That was a total ruiner for our appetite.

But, the resort pretty much handled the situation well. They gave us a no service fee charge and a discounted meal for that incident. *rolls eyes*


(the view from the restaurant of Kahuna Resort)

After our lunch, we went to another resort which is Pebbles Beach Resort in Luna, La Union. Because our family has been a loyal customer there (and my dad knew the persons there well), we always got a VIP treatment whenever we go in that resort. Only one family and we were occupying the pools.


(excuse my totally-burnt-ugly face)


We woke up at around 3am to get ready for our trip to Pagudpud. We were all sleepy during the ride. It was 9 in the morning when we arrived in a beach resort. We ate our brunch there and swam for a while.


(coconut trees will greet you when you enter the resort)


(the view from the restaurant of the resort)


(look at the crystal blue ocean, not on my face)

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 11.34.13 PM.png

(yes, I am wearing the same swimwear, and yes, it was cleaned before that day)

After the swimming, we headed to see the famous windmills of the north.


(fell in love with the view)


(super hot day but with a strong current of wind)

When our photo ops are done, we drove to the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum.

(OH! Did you know that our trip was a day before the nationwide election? Last May 8,2016? Well, I was just sharing.)



Sadly, the museum was closed already when we got there. So we only went to his burial. No pictures are allowed to be taken when inside the room. We just walk there and look at him with great respect.

Next stop, the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.


(breathtaking view from the lighthouse)


(worm’s eye view of the lighthouse)

That was our last stop in Ilocos Norte. And it was time to head to the south. BUT!! We could not just pass thru by Ilocos Sur without visiting Vigan. Vigan is now different from the last time I visited it. It is now recognized as one of the 7 New Wonders Cities in the World.


(the clash of the vintage and modern view)


(it’s like walking in the past)


(perfect carriage of the wealthy)


(pigging out in Vigan! :D)

During weekends, there is a dancing fountain show in their plaza. The viewing is free of charge. We were lucky enough to watch the show. Many tourists (Koreans, Westerns, and more) also watched the show. I was in awe while watching the show. I didn’t expect it to be good.



(my bff in this hot weather taking a picture with the fountain)

After the show, we went back to our house. And the next day, we packed out things and left (our hearts in the north).

That is the end of our travel. I hope you enjoyed reading my story like how I enjoyed my trip in Ilocos.

Thank you for reading.

– Mary Claire Navarro –


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