Best of Bohol Trip!

Bohol is becoming popular to both local and foreign tourists for its beautiful beaches and resorts. There is no doubt why people are obsessed to this place and they keep coming back. Aside from the famous chocolate hills and tarsiers of Bohol, the province has a lot to offer than we all thought.


Day 1: The adventure starts today!

The dates set for our Bohol tour was on the 16th-18th of March last year. Our call time was 4 in the morning, and we were to meet in school for the checking of baggage and attendance. And of course, we had our groupie first before leaving the school!13815028_1097968540268614_219214323_n

We arrived at NAIA airport at around 5:30 am, and waited 2 hours for our flight to Tagbilaran City. Morning greetings from HFH23 block! It was our first trip together outside Manila and we were so excited to leave!!13820542_1097988586933276_539423943_n.jpg

 (group photo with the block)

The wait is over! Time to leave Manila! It was a nerve wracking moment for me to ride a plane for the first time and spent 3-day vacation away from fam! *mixed emotions*


(view while on the plane)

(Touchdown Bohol!)

After an hour & 45 min plane trip, we finally reached Tagbilaran City! We went straight to eat lunch at JJ’s seafood resto where they offered buffet set lunch for us. Our first destination was at the Bee Farm. Everything you could see there were all organic, from farm to table.

(Lower right photo: Candid shot during the talk)

 The farm is surrounded by magnificent views of beaches and landmarks near the place. Panglao island is just a few distance away from the farm; its famous white powdery sand and clear water, are the reason why this island is on everyone’s bucket list/go-to list. Photos below:

(Photos taken while we were on the way)

Our last stop was at St. Augustine Church, it was late in the afternoon when we got there. The place was peaceful and stunning at the same time. My love for old churches continues here!

(view from outside of the Church)


(awkward smiles)

Just right after the tour we checked in to the resort.


Day 2: Visiting Bohol’s famous Destinations

On the 2nd day of our tour, we went to see the tarsiers and visited the sanctuary. We were lucky enough to take pictures of them from a near view. Although there were only 3 of them that we saw in the sanctuary, we were still able to get a good picture of them through our mobile phones.

(few photos I got from the sanctuary)

Our next stop was at the Loboc Church, it’s popular among tourists for its wishing well found at the back side of the church. You know, they say when you throw a coin over the well and wish for something, it could possibly come true. But what makes it more attracting to people, is what you see inside the church, the remarkable collection of paintings around the ceiling. UNBELIEVABLY STUNNING!13819854_1097968366935298_997687754_n.jpg

(u could see…the photos of the altar and not really the ceiling)

We then proceeded to the Loboc River Floating Restaurant after visiting the church and had our lunch there. We had a great view of the river while eating delicious foods of Bohol! We also took this chance to take photos around while on move.

(perfect way to eat lunch)



(Fish eye O.O)

The adventure never stops there! We left the place with big appetite wooh! =) #fullfrombuffet. As we were on our way to the Chocolate Hills, we passed by Sta. Monica Church and have ourselves enlightened.

(always ready for the camera)


(photobombed ^)

Finally down to our last stop! The famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol! It was a tiring moment for us to climb hundred steps in order to reach the peak and have a greater wide view of the hill! But it was all worth it! Just a piece of advice: The higher you climb up, the greater view you will have.



 (shots taken before going to the top)

13823404_1098055583593243_2094808341_n(those huge chocolates behind my back..YUM)

(titas of MNL)

It was our last stop, since we were not able to visit other destinations nearby. Supposedly as part of our itinerary, we were to visit the Historical Blood Compact Commemorative Shrine. But since we lack time, our tour guide decided to take us back in the hotel for us to rest. Even so, we had fun.

(back to the resort)


Day 3: Free day

For the last day of our tour, we were given time to roam around the resort and have ourselves enjoy the rest of our stay. Some would’ve spent the last day going for a swim, while the others stayed in their rooms to relax.



(guess who’s good at taking candid shots?)


(imagine waking up to this kind of view everyday =)13817169_1097968486935286_873022419_n.jpg

(hashtag complete)

(the one on the left? or the one on the right?)


(Truly great memories to keep, it was so much fun!)

Within those days of our stay, I learned a lot of things and a lot of memories to keep as well. Those first’s experiences I had during this trip, and the things I haven’t done back when I was in Manila. I will forever treasure the experience and always remember the good things I was able to get out of this tour. I’m hoping one day I’ll get back to this place and remember all the memories I got here!


(See you again next time, Bohol!)




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